IV Hydration and Wellness

A Hangover Cure That Actually Works

Count on us for hydration IV services in Wolfforth, TX

Did you celebrate a little too hard last night? Luxury Lounge Aesthetics & IV Wellness is here to get you back on your feet. We offer hydration IV treatments to help you rehydrate and recover.

We also offer IV treatments for:

  • Simple rehydration
  • Energy boosts
  • Hair, skin and nails beauty boosts
  • Immunity
  • Athletic recovery and performance
  • Migraine cures
In addition to our IV treatments, we offer a wide range of wellness injections, such as lipo-mino injections, or the "Skinny Shot." You can get a shot for allergies, exhaustion and even to strengthen your hair and nails.

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Recuperate after a night out

If you're planning a bachelorette party or birthday celebration, it might be a good idea to line up IV treatments for the morning after. Our hangover IV services are perfect for people recovering from a raucous night on the town. This 45-minute treatment costs $125 and includes a blend of IV vitamins and electrolytes.

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